Funerals are getting more expensive in the U.S.


The history of funeral homes in America really begins with the Civil War. Prior to that, families in America would care for their own dead. Their bodies were prepared and displayed in the parlor of the house. It wasn’t until after the war that embalming became a regular practice. Families would request that their dead

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Could China use bitcoin as a “financial weapon” against the U.S.?

The flag of China

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel sounding an alarm on bitcoin speaking at a Nixon foundation event teal said quote “I do wonder whether if at this point bitcoin should also be thought of in part as a Chinese financial weapon against the U.S. It threatens fiat money, but it especially threatens the dollar.” He says he’s

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How U.S. companies have been dealing with the tensions between China and the U.S.

Nike store

The tensions are over the alleged human rights abuses in China’s far west region of Xinjiang, and with all of the calls to boycott brands like Nike and H&M, we decided to go down to a popular shopping district here in Beijing to see what’s going on. What we found was that H&M was really

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The post-pandemic pilot shortage in the aviation industry


A major milestone for U.S air travel – the TSA screened more than 1.5 million passengers on Sunday, the most in more than a year though still short of pre-pandemic levels. While demand is snapping back, a new study highlights a different problem for the aviation industry – a pilot shortage. Consulting firm Oliver Wyman

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Misclassification Errors of Unemployment Rate


On the first Friday of every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the most current unemployment numbers for the country, which are the number of unemployed divided by the number of people in the labor force. This is not to be confused with the weekly jobless claims number, which only considers the number of

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More than 1.1 billion flowers are imported in the U.S. for Valentine’s Day


Every year more than a billion flowers come into the U.S. for Valentine’s Day. Most come from massive farms in Colombia, but some roses have as little as 48 hours to get cut and flown to Miami before they wilt. They have a short lifetime and thus require the most rapid form of transportation, and

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The U.S. is planning to construct a 100% clean grid

Renewable energy

The modern electric grid is an engineering marvel in the U.S. It connects to 7 300 major power plants through nearly 160 000 miles of high voltage transmission lines and millions of miles of low voltage lines coordinating with about 3 000 different utility companies to bring power to over 150 million customers. But as

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Could the COVID-19 pandemic cause prices to rise?

Rising prices

For years central banks like Federal Reserve thought they understood why inflation fluctuated and how to keep it steady. Central banks felt that as long as they could keep inflation on an even keel, it’s probably a sign that they were also keeping the economy on an even keel. But for the past decade, inflation

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Despite vaccination, U.S. Economy stands a Zombie Recovery

Zombie economy

The U.S economy that seemed to be roaring back to life over the summer now faces a dark winter. The recovery, just like the recession, has been unequal and, in many areas, hangs in limbo. To see this so-called “zombie recovery” in action, look no further than Evans City, Pennsylvania. It’s the same place that

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Why is teaching one of the underpaid jobs in the United States?


Almost everyone remembers that one teacher who had a transformative impact on their lives, the teacher that made school exciting and interesting, and that genuinely cared. Teacher quality is the number one school-related factor for student achievement. This is an extremely important profession. Teachers literally have the future of the country in front of them

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