Do you waste your money on premium fuel?

Premium fuel

The vast majority of the cars over on the road, 90+ percent of the vehicles on the road and do not require premium fuel. So it is worth understanding what makes premium gas more expensive and what drivers are actually getting out of it. The primary trait that distinguishes premium gas from a lower grade

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How COVID-19 causes a wave of bankruptcies in the U.S.

Out of business

The coronavirus pandemic is about to bring on a wave of bankruptcies in 2020. Big apparel brands and department stores like J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus, and JCPenney – all filed for bankruptcy to reorganize their businesses. But it’s not just the retail sector that’s suffering. Bankruptcies now ripple through almost every industry: automotive, aviation,

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News about the 2nd stimulus package

Treasury checks

According to representative Steny Hoyer, who is a democrat in the House of Representatives, we could be just a few days away from an agreed-upon stimulus relief package. According to him, this could be done very, very quickly. We sure hope he’s right because this has dragged out way too long. We were promised a

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The Next Stimulus Check Update

Steve Mnuchin

In testifying to the U.S. Congress, Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, said these words: “President Trump and I want a second check.” So, he said that clearly to this congressional committee. He also said that he believes another round of PPP money to actual small businesses is needed, and President Trump supports helping

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The pandemic exposed the weak points of the US economy

Virus economy

When you go to the grocery store, and there’s no toilet paper on the shelves, you think the problem is your neighbor down there stockpiling rolls in his basement, but in fact, you just got your first lesson in virus economics. There’s never been a change this fast in a single month. We lost more

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Is China pushing the U.S. towards a new nuclear arms race?

The Trident missile

The Wall Street Journal came out with an exclusive report saying that Saudi Arabia has expanded its nuclear program with the help of China. A new facility in the country’s northwest region is raising flags, and it’s reportedly being used to harvest yellowcake uranium. So, it’s going to be crucial that Saudi Arabia commits to

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Almost two millions of small businesses were closed due to COVID

Small business

We’ve got a new report that says over 1.8 million of them have either temporarily or permanently closed in the second quarter because of the virus. That’s a big number. Not only almost nearly 2 million of them have closed their doors during the second quarter, but more than a third of small businesses have

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Is there a national coin shortage?


Use a credit or debit card at your favorite store instead of using cash recently, blame the pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has stalled the circulation of coins throughout the country leading to a nationwide shortage. That’s really giving new meaning to that’s saying “the cash is king” argument. There are less circulation and less production

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The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman encourages jobless to find new industries

Find something new

The White House released a new ad campaign today called “find something new” in an effort to encourage and assist the millions of laid-off American workers. As we saw in the first few years of the Trump administration, the best jobs program is low taxes and low regulation that was working. We now have a

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Valley National Bank CEO Ira Robbins: The Paycheck Protection Program should be extended

Ira Robbins

Still thinking about applying for the Paycheck Protection Program? Well, the deadline to receive a loan is here, it’s today. Borrowers still have some time to apply, since they launched in early April. The SBA has approved more than five hundred eighteen billion dollars in loans. Instead of being depleted, more than $134 billion remains

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