Americans are poorer than before

Poverty USA

US Census reported today that one in six American households live in poverty. The continued struggle of the economy and high unemployment has devastated the middle class, and their ranks have disappeared into poor class, people who can barely survive. About forty-six million people now live in poverty, the highest number since 1959, according to

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Small business needs $100 billion more

Small business help

A lot of numbers are being thrown around, including the unemployment rate, which is possibly as high as twenty percent. The nation has never seen anything like that. We will probably never see a recovery like the one we’ve got coming up. According to the bank of America survey of these investors, big-time money managers

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5 ways to cut your monthly payments

Saving money piggy

There are many things in life that cannot over-exaggerate. One of those things is that money matters. No matter how much of it you have, you always seem to need more. The price of items and the cost of living, in general, seem to go up constantly. The utilities, insurance premiums, credit cards grocery bills,

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The Basics of Financial Investing


Learning the basics of financial investing can seem like a confusing and even scary process when you are just beginning. But, the more you read and study, the more you will be able to distill investing down into its basic building blocks and tailor the information you seek out to your needs. Learning the basics

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What to Know About Direct Deposits


Direct deposits of paychecks have been an option for decades and, though many employees have signed up for the service, many more remain hesitant. They often express vague concerns about the money not getting to where it should go and continue to opt for what they see as the more secure paper check option. No

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Best 5 Tips for Individual Investors

Tips for Individual Investors

Entering the world of stock and bonds can be extremely intimidating and daunting. Generally, the stock market exists to make money for the brokerage houses that are channels to the market and the large asset managers. For this reason, any individual investor without access to the assets of a large firm needs to be cunning

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